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June 2021

Guide for Concurrent session chairs

Your live introduction and Q&A

  • Introduce yourself, the session, and welcome all participants – be sure to smile and appear relaxed,
  • Explain the session (title, order of presentations, when questions will be taken, importance of timekeeping) – for example: „there will be three presentations of x minutes each, followed by an x-minute question and answer session,“
  • Invite participants to make use of Q&A tool Slido = chat box that appears at the session live stream page in the virtual platform.
  • Introduce each speaker before their presentation begins. Biographies are available in the interactive programme. Don’t read the full biography – just the main points and remind participants that more information about speakers is available on the Congress platform.
  • Keep track of time (speakers and chairs will see a timer for each presentation). Regular sessions include up to 4 presentations each 15 minutes long with Q&A to be held at the very end. Some sessions may have 3-minute innovation presentations included.
  • Manage the live Q&A discussion. – try to spread questions between presenters. Make sure you are familiar with the Slido system – see the video below.
  • Prepare questions in case there are none in the Q&A.

At the end of the session

  • Make sure the session does not run over time.
  • Thank the speaker(s) and, if helpful, refer to one or two specific points made during the session,
  • Direct delegates to the next session and remind them of the importance of timekeeping,
  • Remind delegates to fill in the congress evaluation form.

Preparations timeline

On Monday before your presentation day: Test your setup and await your Zoom link

On the day of the presentation

  • 30 minutes before the start of your session, log into Slido and get familiar with it:

Watch our tutorial to get familiar with Slido (the Q&A tool).

    • 20 minutes before the start of your session, join the Zoom meeting room using the above-mentioned link.

    You will need to open both Zoom and your internet browser with Slido, we recommend having both open on the same screen, or open Zoom on your computer and Slido on your smartphone.

    • The Zoom room features only speakers, chairs, and the technical operator who will brief everyone and take care of all technical arrangements. The delegates will not be visible in Zoom, but they will be watching from the virtual congress platform, where your session will be broadcasted live.

    Watch our video to see what happens within the 20 minutes before the start of your session:

    • To start your session introduction, you will be counted down by the technical operator.​


    For registration and abstract information about the 32nd ICM Triennial Congress, please contact the Congress Secretariat at: